Introducing BIO-Boost Funding Webinars

Unlocking Investment Opportunities for Innovation in the Bioeconomy and Green Transition

Welcome to the BIO-Boost Funding Webinars—a pioneering initiative designed to empower SMEs, startups, and support organizations within Europe's innovation ecosystems. Spearheaded by the BIO-Boost project, these webinars are tailored to amplify the impact of innovation agencies while fostering collaboration, learning, and financing in diverse sectors.

The primary aim of these webinars is to offer invaluable insights and guidance on accessing funding opportunities at national, EU, and global levels, specifically targeted at enhancing the digital and green transition efforts. With a core focus on the bioeconomy sector encompassing agri-food, forestry, bio-based chemicals, materials, products, and bioenergy, these sessions also align with the principles of the Green Deal.

Notably, the webinars extend beyond conventional funding avenues. They highlight the significance of embracing digital transformation as a catalyst for green initiatives. This innovative approach integrates digital technologies to support and enhance the green transition, fostering out-of-the-box solutions that address climate change and promote a circular, resource-efficient economy.

Led by four partners from widening countries and supported by a consortium with extensive geographical coverage, these webinars serve as a platform to disseminate knowledge, facilitate consortium building, and provide essential information on available funding calls and proposal processes. The sessions cover pivotal topics such as EU funding mechanisms, consortium building, forthcoming calls for proposals, and navigating essential registration processes—a crucial roadmap for successful applications.

Moreover, the BIO-Boost Funding Webinars and associated workshops aim to engage over 210 SMEs, enabling them to present concrete ideas for funding. By leveraging these platforms, participants gain not only valuable insights but also opportunities to enhance their innovation capabilities, foster cross-border collaborations, and widen their networks within the bioeconomy and Green Deal domains.

Join us in this transformative journey towards unlocking financing avenues and driving innovation for a sustainable, green future. The BIO-Boost Funding Webinars are your gateway to discovering opportunities, forging partnerships, and securing support for your innovative ventures.

We are excited to extend our invitation to the second webinar in this series, where we'll delve into the intricacies of EU funding mechanisms and consortium building. Don't miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights and take the first step towards securing funding for your ideas.

Stay tuned for upcoming BIO-Boost Funding Webinars...