Key account managers (KAMs) of the BIO-Boost project now offer support to SMEs working in the bioeconomy sector!

We will help you:

  • Accelerate their growth and competitiveness in the bioeconomy sector;
  • Address specific challenges and barriers that are hindering their success;
  • Develop new products and services that meet emerging market demand;
  • Build capacity and knowledge in key areas such as management, finance, marketing, and technology;
  • Build strong networks and collaborations with other SMEs, research institutions, and stakeholders in the sector;
  • Access funding and resources to support their growth and development.

We are now inviting SMEs to participate in this program by completing a brief questionnaire to identify SMEs that may benefit from our support. Furthermore, we are organizing 2nd BIO-Boost Pitch to scale online session on 13th of November 2023 for SMEs working in:

  • Automation,
  • AI,
  • Technology development,
  • Process development,
  • Other.

You will be selected from the list of SMEs who completed this survey (click on it):