BIO-Boost - Boosting innovation agencies for bioeconomy value chains

Call: HORIZON-EIE-2022-CONNECT-01-01
Type of Action: HORIZON-CSA
Acronym: BioBoost, Number: 101096150
Duration: 24 months, Start Date: 01 Jan 2023
Estimated Project Cost: €500.000,00
Requested EU Contribution: €500.000,00

The overall objectives of the BIO-Boost project are to increase the latent potential of the participating innovation agencies, to learn from leading innovator regions, and to cement this knowledge and experience in the organisations, building and expanding networks, expanding the cooperation and enlarging the participation of more diverse innovation stakeholders and territories to existing successful initiatives in the bioeconomy, including agri-food, forestry, bio-based chemicals, materials and products, and bioenergy.

The partnership will implement a range of activities via peer-to-peer learning, including study visits and staff exchanges, to develop closer relationships within the partnership, and with the wider regional innovation ecosystems, as well as to learn improved innovation support measures. These will be cemented via operational work to build and develop innovation ecosystems and SMEs via hackathons and challenges (160 organisations involved), by providing direct SME support on innovation management (24 crossborder KAM cases), and helping widening country SMEs towards financing of innovation projects (50+ cases). Over 450 SMEs will be engaged with during the implementation of the project, which will include active cooperation with 20 other innovation ecosystems.

BIO-Boost connects 7 homogenous EU regions in terms of similarities of RIS3 and S3 Platform synergies related to bioeconomy and digitalisation. The multidisciplinary partnership has been strategically selected, to work in an inclusive and interactive bottom-up process, to discover potential new activities, and identify new opportunities that emerge from this interaction. Despite the homogeneity in terms of regional smart specialisation, the consortium consists of partners with a wide variety of complementary skills and experience, covering a wide geographical area and with considerable economic, social and environmental differences.